australian court case, cannot force people to be jabbed or sacked.

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australian court case, cannot force people to be jabbed or sacked.

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something in it, my comment copy pasted below

Fair Work Commission Determines that any sacking threat due to vaccine mandate non-compliance is substantial unlawful pressure and AUTOMATICALLY PROHIBITS C-19 INJECTIONS. ... ommission/

how about the doctors who told my mother she would die from covid 100% without the jab
or my nephew , healthy and not old, told 50% chance of dying if he did not get the jab.
do you think they will fine, jail, or deregister almost ALL the doctors, pharmacists, MSM reporters?

with 96% jabbed who will most likely, like the poor animals of the early mrna jabs, are on death row. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. last 2 min of this one. ... 3-5-years/
Law? what a joke.
plus there is shedding/transmission to the unjabbed. listen to and erica khan programs (free 3X a week).
plus with nasal spray 'jabs' they will just spray it into the environment.
who will pay any compo? dead people?
oh and in this great wonderful court case, are they still enforcing harmful and brain deadening cult agenda MKULTRA masks?
it is a BioWeapon rollout, not a 'mistake'.
Nuremberg 2.0? Nuremberg 1.0 was a joke [show less]
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