Do you have your 'tribe'?

This section covers all topics relating to Covid, Lockdown and the new normal.
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Re: Do you have your 'tribe'?

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Felix wrote: Thu Jan 06, 2022 2:10 pm Nick meets Mother Abigail in Stephen Kings, The Stand.
So funny and ironic, I literally had this playing on the TV while I was setting up my new place.
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Re: Do you have your 'tribe'?

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Re: Do you have your 'tribe'?

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I'm more or less a band of one.
2nd wife gone 3 years ago or so. A Blessing. Son 24 full matrix, and that is heartbreaking. Most family fast asleep or worse. And vaxed.
Looking after elderly mother (no jab) who is partially awake and smelling the coffee more each day.
I've been trying to prepare for decade +. To some degree since 911
I Have made some progress. And have ideas; some more out of the box than others.
Mostly I would like to leave a freedom promoting, spiritually engaging place; or places of safety behind when I go. A fulfilling goal I think.
I see clearly a hard push to corner all free thinking people and try to make them react. They are so ready for that - and then some. They would have a bloody field day.
Peaceful but defiant is the way; while dodging and bending in the wind to stay out of a corner.
Made contacts some time ago through FC; but I think they will get themselves in a corner; "trouble" - so I steer clear. Hoping the local radio club will yield allies.
Anyone, peace loving, here or elsewhere of good character, and honourable has my support however little or much I could manage.

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Re: Do you have your 'tribe'?

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Social distancing prevents sex, reduces drug sharing, and prohibits rock & roll festivals
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