magnetic after jab?

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magnetic after jab?

Post by lighthouse »

Does anyone have any theories on this?

When I first saw the video clips I was thinking it was just nonsense that would fade away over time.
But now more and more channels are posting video clips on this, including max/crowhouse

I have seen a video where they show a magnet sticking to uncooked meat and they have been vaccinating cows.

On some videos they show metal (scissors, forks, coins) sticking to skin at 90 degrees.

If a heavy set of scissors are attracted to an arm or a forehead, that requires allot of magnetic force to hold the scissors.
even most fridge magnets cannot hold a set of scissors.
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Re: magnetic after jab?

Post by Liberalis »

Definately a thing with the mrna jabs. There is a good video explaining "magnetofection" which is essentially injectable chemicals that create magnetic fields and i think this is the most likely explanation i have seen for this magnetic phenomena so far. This technology has been around for quite a while so lots of info available for anyone who wants to look into this more closely.

This technology allows the lipid nano particle encased synthetic mrna to more effectively enter the cells throughout the body.

This is the theory that makes the most sense to me at this stage anyway, link for short video on this below......... ... CNSmr.html
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Re: magnetic after jab?

Post by Dianthus »

Study: Magnetic Nanoparticles as a Tool for Remote DNA Manipulations at a Single-Molecule Level | March 2021
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Re: magnetic after jab?

Post by fren »

What about the videos showing magnets sticking to meat?
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