Book depositories - free reading

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Book depositories - free reading

Post by Firestarter »

The little known has a huge collection of freely downloadable PDF books. While the site is in Dutch most of the books are in English.
There's also a huge collection of videos.

There's even a book by (Maxwell) Max Igan – Earth’s Forbidden Secrets Pt. 1 – Searching For the Past.

Here are some of the (conspiracy) books I recommend that can be found at

Jim Marrs – Crossfire The Plot That Killed Kennedy

Rodney Stich – Defrauding America

Gary Webb – Dark alliance

Wim Klinkenberg – Prins Bernhard – Een politieke biografie (in Dutch)

Arthur Koestler – The Thirteenth Tribe THE KHAZAR EMPIRE AND ITS HERITAGE

David Livingstone – Terrorism and the Illuminati

Edwin Black – The Transfer Agreement

Ted L. Gunderson – The Finders report

John Marks – The Search for the Manchurian Candidate The CIA and Mind Control

William Engdahl – A Century of War

The book of Chuang Tzu

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

H. G. Wells – The Shape of Things to Come (1933)

George Orwell – Animal Farm

Leo Tolstoy – War and peace
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Re: Book depositories - free reading

Post by Dianthus »

You only need one but good books to of Max but for going directly to the core of it all...this is it. Holland got it bc Jozef is Dutch :) but he did not write or paint one thing. Has taken a lot of lives to get ready for that task and many souls where at it but Jozef was just that bit further right on that time...

Now, it is too beautiful & too simple for most or it is too complicated for the ego to get a wrap in it simplicity but explains a lot. You find this also only there and nowhere else and I have read a lot. Take a view of it and if not, then not the time for you but we all will learn this at one point before going further bc this is just the basics of it...

Some paintings

The University of Christ reveals the Alconsciousness of Christ about which nothing is written in the Bible.
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