The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

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Re: The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

Post by JaffaInLondon »

Exactly; it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it.

I’m the same as you; but I did not take my phone out at all.

Now I’m on the road I have to, but it’s off and protected when not in use.

These smug, ‘virtuous’ people who think they’re so clever because of not having a ‘smartphone’, and bang on about it all the time, are just as bad as the dicks who brag about if you haven’t got the latest gear you’re stupid.

I’ll have what I like thanks, and use it how I see fit; I won’t go about slinging my views about it to all and sundry all the damn time.
Some of us have got two brain cells to rub together, and know what’s going on, and can make our way around it.

If you want one, have one, if you don’t, don’t.

Give it a fucking rest.
Maybe he wasn’t talking to you? Maybe it was addressed to the vast numbers of people who are wed to their smart phones? Maybe exercising a bit of discretion is in order?

Now Jones, maybe give it a fucking rest.
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Re: The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

Post by Max »

jawski wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:43 pm Agree 100% with max regarding phones. PC's and windows 10/Mac are not far dissimilar but currently, certainly the better option. I recently got me a smart phone after 10 years of not owning a phone. A BIG regret! this thing listens to everything I do. Argue with the Mrs, relationship videos start to be recommended and so on, I will ditch this device very soon and never carry it with me.

I have 3 friends that follow max and all of us watch on a PC.

Thank you Max Igan, recently heard your discussion with Martin Liedtke... Love your knowledge on antiquities, wish there was more and since your YT channel was removed i miss watching your vast knowledge on anything but convid! but i watch all your videos and appreciate you keeping us upto date on this fake virus nonsense! you restore my faith in humanity knowing there are folks that see this shite for what it is.... much love from England, UK
Many thanks for the kind thoughts brother. If you can be bothered sifting through, you will find all of my old videos archived on this website ;)
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Re: The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

Post by Dianthus »

And when they go out for a moment, they go back in...
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Re: The Sheep Are Leading The Flock to Slaughter

Post by Tsemach »

JaffaInLondon wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 8:49 am
Tsemach wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 5:37 am
BananaMulcher wrote: Mon Apr 12, 2021 3:30 am

I’m quite interested in some sort of privacy fine so thanks for the information. The nexus 6p seems to be a Huawei/Google device which isn’t really screaming trusted source to me.
Okay I'll explain why I chose that phone as an example. What I meant by trusted source is the programmer. can build you a phone from $350.00 - $1,000 per phone. I believe they give discounts for multiple phones to use anywhere in the world. It is not that the manufacturer is particularly trustworthy, but certain devices, depending on the make and model, are more manipulatable than others. The android developer community's support for the 6P is among the best available, and it is not a 'carrier phone', which tend to come equipped with 'child-locks' that prevent one from accessing all functions and full control of their phone. I highly recommend you get in touch with Ms. Droid, or just buy the phone I sent you a link to. I have owned one of those, and really liked it, but currently have a Oneplus 3, which I also had Ms. Droid modify. I got it because it has dual-sim capability. Like I said, a trusted source take it or leave it, but they answered all my questions and allowed me to learn easily along the way.

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