In Memory of Alan Watt

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In Memory of Alan Watt

Post by Drumstick »

I've made this video as a tribute to the late Alan Watt.

Comments are welcome, both here and on the video.

PS: I can't upload to BitChute atm., I keep getting a "404 Error" - so I am hoping it can stay on TheyTube.
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Re: In Memory of Alan Watt

Post by Liberalis »

It was a good video to watch Drumstick!

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Re: In Memory of Alan Watt

Post by garrettabc »

Thanks for making that. I just started to listen to Alan Watt only after his death. The guy was sharp and full of good info, plus his calm demeanor makes it a relaxing listen.
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Re: In Memory of Alan Watt

Post by mikita »

Thank you for this video! Great compilation as a tribute.
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