illness & death from delta or is it the vaccine?

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Re: illness & death from delta or is it the vaccine?

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Anecdotally it seems most "Covid" patients in hospital have been fullly 'vaccinated'. Given what the graphene/nano-tech poison shots are known to do in the body based on autopsy and blood analysys, we could say at this point that the illness and deaths arising from these presentations would appear to be linked to the poison shots, and not a theoretical recombinant ‘frankin’ virus comprised of various genetic material incl: from the Vero monkey kidney cell line, spliced together in a computer, then patented by the CDC in 2003 - 16 years before the Covid19 outbreak (patent no: 7220852), which has never been isolated and purified from a sample taken directly from a diseased patient, where the patient’s sample was not first combined with any other source of genetic material.
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