Rick Simpson CBD oil for cancer

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Rick Simpson CBD oil for cancer

Post by JaffaInLondon »

Is Rick Simpson the guy that Max mentioned a while ago in one of his videos last year?

A friend is looking at this for his daughter who is in a pretty bad way. She had loads of chemo & double mastectomy. They have tried more chemo and the doc’s have now accepted the chemo is not working.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Rick Simpson CBD oil for cancer

Post by Liberalis »

Yes, that is the guy! I swear on the medicinal properties of cannabis after nearly 30 years of experimentation (-,-).

You can make cannabis oil using basic chemistry knowledge but IS dangerous if you do not know what you are doing as flammable materials are required in the extraction process. Co2 extraction yields the best full spectrum product but it is not realistic for most people due to the mega bucks needed for the setup and the expertise in running it.

Rick Simpson has some good videos online about it. Some good books out there also.

Cannabis heals, chemo kills.
"In the age of information, ignorance is a choice"
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Re: Rick Simpson CBD oil for cancer

Post by monsdk »

healing of your self only can happen if you trust in your self, be afraid and you do not heal.
meditation is a powerfull tool, and can go past any medicine.

here is rick simpson making hes oil

last a guy that have parkinsons gets oil, 5 min after he is calm.

people ask your self " what does it it cost to live on earth" then putt seeds in your left hand you can live from, and money/gold/silver in your right hand.
Now go plant them both, and then see Which one will give you something you can eat.
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